Project Archaeology

Project Archaeology is a partnership between Montana State University and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) which serves to teach students about the nation's rich scientific, cultural, historical, and anthropological heritage. The resources below are intended for use in the Project Archaeology curriculum that Mollie Toll has been introducing to teachers in the New Mexico public school system, as well as independent schools, as a means of augmenting their lesson plans.

Teacher handouts

The handouts below are suited for teachers and students and supplement the Project Archaeology's "Investigating Shelter" lesson on ancient living spaces and construction methods.

"Project Archaeology" by Lesson

Student Trade Books to Supplement "Project Archaeology"

Exploring a prehistoric pit house

The pit house (more accurately described as the pit structure) was once the most common type of habitation in the American Southwest. It was later developed into the more common free-standing Pueblo roomblock common to Puebloan architecture.