About Us

The Office of Archaeological Studies (OAS) conducts archaeological research projects throughout New Mexico with a diverse group of 25–40 archaeologists and support staff. Our mission is to identify, interpret, and share information about prehistoric and historic sites across the state. The office has five specialized laboratories, a small library, and a publications department. We also have an education outreach program that directly interacts with New Mexicans in order to answer their questions about archaeology, history, and the heritage of New Mexico.

"Archaeology at the Museum of New Mexico" by Tim Maxwell
On February 19, 2009, the Museum of New Mexico celebrated its 100th anniversary. Established three years before New Mexico became the forty-seventh state, the Museum's early history and the trajectory for its later development can largely be attributed to one man—Edgar L. Hewett. An assertive and energetic individual known as El Toro, Hewett was a renowned archaeologist at the time and is still an esteemed figure today.

Help Wanted
Many of our projects make use of a dedicated corps of volunteers. Occasionally, project directors need extra help in the field during archaeological excavations. The pressures of deadlines and hazardous working conditions can prevent volunteers from working on some field projects, but in other cases opportunities abound and can provide rewarding experiences for everyone involved.

History of the Office of Archaeological Studies
Since 1952 OAS archaeologists have conducted over 600 archaeological projects and produced almost 1,000 reports. We have worked throughout New Mexico, adjacent states, and northern Mexico.

Office of Archaeological Studies Staff
Our team of archaeologists, osteologists, botanists, ethnographers, ceramics experts, publications crew, assistants, and research associates. We have nationally recognized specialists in pottery, botany, and osteology, and our archaeomagnetic dating laboratory is one of two full-time laboratories in the United States that are dedicated to this dating technique.

The Center for New Mexico Archaeology
The Center for New Mexico Archaeology (CNMA) is a central facility for archaeological research, curation, and education in the state of New Mexico. The CNMA has created a safe and secure curation environment for New Mexico's unique and irreplaceable archaeological heritage, including nearly 10 million artifacts from all time periods and cultures.