Upcoming Events

January 8, 2019

San Juan Red Ware and Tsegi Orange Ware: Traditions, Resources, and Technologies
OAS Brown Bag talk by Eric Blinman, PhD (Director, Office of Archaeological Studies) at the CNMA, 12:00 noon, free!

February 19, 2019

Archaeological Compliance and Research at LANL: Turkeys, Homesteaders, and the Manhattan Project National Historical Park
OAS Brown Bag talk by Cyler Conrad, PhD (Cultural Resource Technical Lead, LANL) at the CNMA, 12:00 noon, free!

Pueblo Revolt and Revival: A View from Santa Fe

January 23, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 12:00 noon, free!

Stephen S. Post (former Deputy Director of the Office of Archaeological Studies and current OAS Research Associate) presents the first Brown Bag talk of 2018 in which he explores the speculative location of a walled adobe pueblo built by villagers from Galisteo, Tesuque, and Cochiti Pueblos after the expulsion of the Spanish in August of 1680.

Shortly after Pueblo warriors and their allies expelled the Spanish from Santa Fe in August of 1680, an adobe pueblo was built by villagers from Galisteo, Tesuque, and Cochiti pueblos. Described by Don Diego de Vargas as a walled fortress in 1692 and demolished by Governor Pedro Rodriguez Cubero in 1697, the “lost” pueblo is poorly known and is the subject of periodic speculation by historians and archaeologists. Inspired by the 2017 Fiesta Symposium, I developed an updated speculative model for the location, size, and layout of the Pueblo Revolt Pueblo using historical and archaeological information. My talk presents this “new” model within the context of current archaeological research themes and the Pueblo Revolt and its consequences.

The Brown Bag talk will take place at the Center for New Mexico Archaeology at 12:00 noon in the CNMA library. Seating is limited. Admission is free.

The Center for New Mexico Archaeology (7 Old Cochiti Road) is located off of Caja del Rio Road, across from Challenge New Mexico on the way to the Santa Fe Municipal Golf Course. Take 599 to South Meadows Road, continue through the traffic circle west along the Frontage Road to Caja del Rio Road. CNMA is on the left-hand side of the road and is the large building with white sail-like skylights on the roof.