Upcoming Events

April 17, 2018

Crisis and Prospects in Archaeomagnetic Dating
OAS Brown Bag talk by Jeff Cox, and Eric Blinman at the CNMA, 12:00 noon, free!

April 28, 2018

Exploring the Gallina Country
Saturday, April 28, 2018
Cost of trip: FOA members: $85, non-FOA members: $95

May 8, 2018

Tale of Two Types: Mesa Verde Black-on-white, Socorro Black-on-white and Pueblo Migration Histories
OAS Brown Bag talk by Eric Blinman and C. Dean Wilson at the CNMA, 12:00 noon, free!

May 10, 2018

Secrets of Northern Peru–SPACES ARE STILL AVAILABLE!
May 10th-May 24th
Explore the fascinating areas of Northern Peru with Dr. Tim Maxwell

June 3, 2018

Chiles and Sherds at Pueblo San Cristóbal
Sunday, June 3, 2018
Cost of trip: FOA members: $100, non-FOA members: $110, children: $60, and Pine Canyon: $130

Vallecitos Pueblo tour and lecture

July 22, 2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017
Cost of trip: $85 for FOA members; $95 for non-FOA members

Explore Jemez Province, a cultural area of more than forty pueblo sites, north of present Jemez Pueblo. Early ceramics place the date of Vallecitos Pueblo to the early part of the area's history, around 1250 to 1350 AD. It is located three and a half miles northeast of Jemez Pueblo, within the boundaries of the reservation. It is one of the villages found at the lower elevations of the Jemez Province and is the type locality of the Vallecitos Black-on-White ceramic style which is believed to be a precursor to the Jemez Black-on-White ceramic style.

The tour will go through two ancient villages, one of which is Vallecitos Pueblo and another village nearby to the east (LA 248 and LA 258). Following the tour and lunch, Marlon Magdalena, Instructional Coordinator for the Jemez Historic Site, will give a presentation on warfare and conflict in Pueblo Country at the Walatowa Visitor Center and Museum at Jemez Pueblo.

The difficulty of this trip is designated MODERATE. Bring your own bag lunch. Drinks and snacks are included in the cost of the trip. The cost of the trip is $85 for FOA Members and $95 for non-FOA members. This trip is limited to 20 participants. To reserve your place for this event call (505) 982-7799, ext. 7 after 7am starting Thursday, June 15.

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