Dr. Ann L.W. Stodder, Osteologist

Dr. Ann L.W. Stodder

Academia.edu profile: https://nmarchaeology.academia.edu/AnnLWStodder

Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1990
M.A., University of Colorado, Boulder, 1984
Ann L.W. Stodder

My interest in archaeological bones goes way back to those grade school field trips to the American Museum of Natural History. I received a fellowship to do my dissertation research there, and it was as though the collections and archives (like Nels Nelson’s field notes from San Cristobal Pueblo) had just been waiting for me. I’ve worked on the bioarchaeology portions of some of big archaeological projects in the Southwest like Dolores and Animas-La Plata, and written several syntheses of Southwestern bioarchaeology. I’ve also worked in Hawaii and Guam and have been a Research Associate with the Field Museum for many years. My involvement with Pacific archaeology helps me have a broader perspective that informs my work here in the Southwest. I occasionally teach courses in bioarchaeology and mortuary archaeology at the University New Mexico and I find I am always learning from students.

At OAS I have worked in the osteology lab on collections from sites in the Tijeras Canyon area, the Galisteo Basin, and the San Juan Basin. Every site is different, every project is different, and we have the opportunity to build on the understanding of how people lived here in the past by carefully examining the evidence for continuity and similarity, as well as the surprising differences that remind us to always have open eyes and an open mind.