James L. Moore, Project Director

James L. Moore
Project Director, Director Chipped Stone Artifact Analysis

M.A., Anthropology, University of New Mexico, 1981

James Moore Being a project director at the OAS since 1987 has given me the opportunity to work all over New Mexico on a wide range of archaeological sites. Most of that work has been in the Northern Rio Grande on sites ranging in date from the Late Archaic through the nineteenth century. I am currently codirecting the combined U.S. 84/285 projects, a venue we are using to examine the development of early farming communities in the Northern Rio Grande, as well as to study how the acquisition of New Mexico by the United States affected the local Spanish economy.

My main archaeological interests are chipped stone technology, prehistoric farming techniques, and the changing economy of the Spanish population in New Mexico. One of the best aspects of the type of archaeology we do at the OAS is that it is difficult to get too hide-bound-we have to be ready to go anywhere in the state and work on almost any type of site at any given time. This forces us to look beyond a single region or time period, and to see the larger picture. This has proven invaluable to my continuing growth as an archaeologist. It's also really neat to see how different areas interacted through time, and how events in one part of New Mexico affected people living in other areas.